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Something is bugging me


So, I appreciate the increase in coins you get from the drops now due to it being winter and what not.
Couldn’t the same have been done over the absolutely horrible spawn rates this season? Why increase the rate of the coins but not the dinos?


Spawns seem (if it’s even possible) worse to me since the tourney ended…

Probably handing out a ton of coins and squelching the spawns to get people to level up the things they have been sitting on before dropping the update with a bunch of new dinos that will need leveling - for which the coins will then have to be purchased.

(I give this company no breaks at all… lol)


I dont feel spawns have changed at all… i still see the same rares and have encountered only one epic since the tourney ended, one gypro that was a proximity spawn. Im stock piling coins and using them sparingly to level up ingredients for other dinos.

I still have a bunch of stock piled sino so next week when tarbo and allo are everywhere ill be able to level thor up some.