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Something is Seriously Wrong

So, I placed in the Top 500 in 6 out of 7 Seasons. Only missed Season 6 with all the Cheaters. Spend most of my time in the 300s. Then Version 1.7 hits. Of my first 31 battles, I win 5 and 3 of them give me just 1 single trophy. Many are 50+ losses. My team should not be considered strong as I have just 2 Uniques. Now I am at 4,500 trophies from 5,300 just a week ago. I struggle to get Incubators.

What is going on?

Weird that I am responding to my own thread.

I just now see from other threads that the mechanics are wrong. How is it that a closely matched competition can allocate 1 trophy to the winner. How is it that an average level 29 team of mostly Rares (me) can lost 59 trophies to a team of level 28 Uniques.

Does anyone at Ludia understand math or probability? A level 30 team beating a level 15 team only deserves 1 trophy. A level 30 team beating a level 28 team deserves at least 5 trophies, right?

This game could be making $3 - $10 million more per quarter. But I am not spending a dime towards incompetency, not even VIP.

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Did you boost anything?

Yes. All the Boosts I have. By the way, Spped boosts to Tryo is the bomb.

I’m not here for a pity party as I don’t care about losing 800 trophies as I should eventually get evenly matched competition. Just sorry for those level 24 teams having to face an experienced level 29 team. Whenever I get to that point.