Something needs to be done about the friends list - alternative ways to invite to raids please!

As someone who helps moderate Discord groups and does a lot of raiding, I cannot stress how frustrating and terrible the friends list system is. The limit of 100 friends is ridiculously low, especially for those of us who raid a lot. I am constantly being forced to add and remove people only to have to add them again just to get raids accomplished. The process of adding friends and passing lobbies is awful, time consuming, frustrating, and badly bugged. I HATE IT, and it makes for terrible gameplay. It would be nice if there was an alternative way to invite people to raids in addition to the list - preferably an option to type in someone’s ign in a search bar to invite, with an autofill programmed in that remembers who you searched for in the past. This would eliminate so much frustration, time consuming (unnecessary) processes, and having to turn down raids or spending hours waiting for people on your list to be ready for raids. Please Ludia, do something about this. It would make gameplay so much better. Thanks so much!


just wasted a half hour trying to sort through who has what friends, who can add friends, who cannot, passing lobbies back and forth just to get ONE raid done

I really recommend Ludia changes this

I suggested this before I struggle with the amount now

I have suggested this before as well - and the problem will only get worse as discord groups grow.

I was also informed by Ludia that I needed to keep my friends list BELOW 50 to make it work properly. This is utterly unacceptable - especially since alliances have 50. The bugs in the list need fixing, and we need another way to invite people to raids apart from the very limited list