Something needs to change

So 2.10 seems like a good update Except indotaurus. It seems like a great creature but I have one problem and that it’s the fact that it requires Carnotaurs DNA. Some people have not unlocked scorp gen 3 yet or have spent all of there carno DNA on it, but now it will probably take a long time before people can max it out. I would have perferd it to be prutasaurs or a Carnotaurs gen 2. I feel like carno needs to become a global anytime spawn since a lot of people are going to want indotarus. Please let me know your thoughts on the subject.

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I get it, but I mean, it’s not the only concerning thing, I mean look at Phourex! I’m scared of the fact that it might get good stats and resistances.

Indotaurus is the only thing I’m excited about for the update.

I guess how you feel is how I felt when scorpios Rex Gen 3 came out. I had just maxed gorgo and donated the remaining dna.

So once I heard of indotaurus I have not leveled SR3 past 25 and have been requesting echo rex2 and carno.

Can I have some dna? :pleading_face:

my god thats a lot of carno DNA