Something new for VIP

So, there is a notification for VIPs players, Ludia will give us something new.
What do you think it can be? It looks like a building or something.


It seems to be at the location of the DNA production site. I think it is some kind of DNA production development.


It is located where the current DNA facility is since that is the food production facility to the right and slightly above it in the picture. You can tell by the truck parked in the shot.


I’m only at lev7/650DNA, so I hope I don’t need it maxed out for the new feature.

New cap of 2400/day.

Won’t help me for a long time.

What would help is someone fixing my broken DNA ads that don’t add any DNA (none/nada) instead of tone deaf responses of you have a limited number of ads a day. It isn’t an ad limit problem, it is a DNA adding problem! AHAHAHAHAH! Oh well.

My park is really DNA starved, so it is driving me up the wall.

If I didn’t have VIP, I’d have no DNA.

Instead, I’m paying for VIP to get about the same DNA as if my DNA ads worked. :angry:

Cap is already 2400/day?


I thought it was 2000/day? (My mistake. Call me a noob.)

Nevermind, i thought that too. And I am VIP with completed DNA building :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I don’t see this on the news line up now… anyone know what this turned out to be?

I have no idea… i thought that was just onne thing and they were going to announce more stuff.

They propably needed more place for to tell us more things. I am sure that new thing will be added to game, maybe tomorrow, or on friday

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