Something new in the game?


Yesterday I battled an met a lvl 19 raptor. Twice in a row I did 0 damage???!!!

In my survey I put in an idea of countering crits. Equally random there should be a dodge which completely or less avoids damage during crit attack. Is this something I saw??

I was so sure of winning but lost … I was so surprised I didb’t take the snapshot of it. :worried:


I used to like the idea. But seeing how crits and stuns have been lately. I prefer not to add anymore RNG into the game right now.


Not sure that I’ve encountered this scenario in-game or on the forum before. Monolophosaurus can reduce your attack to zero for at least 2 turns with its Distracting attacks, but Velociraptor? :thinking:

If an opponent with an attack-reducing move hit you in the prior turn, that move combined with Pounce maaaybe could reduce your attack to zero for 1 turn, but 2 turns?

I’m not sure I can offer any insight without more information—what creatures did your opponent use before the Velociraptor, were you afflicted by attack-reducing moves at all, etc.