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Something’s Gotta Give

Look at this. A TEN STAR alpha DEFEATED not even an hour and a half into spawn.

Somehow people are starting out with more than 3 energy (not counting those with extra from support), and it’s causing other clan members to get screwed out of keys.

Your team needs to either seriously buff the alpha’s health, or significantly balance out the damage we can do to the alphas (as well as how much they can do to us - I like the challenge of higher risk/reward, but one ability should not wipe out 4 of my 5 dragons).

This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. We had four people not even get to hit yet.


@Ned @Marcus @Rose


Hey emtotts, our team is looking into the Clan Energy concerns.

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Thank you @Ned :slight_smile:

I love the old Alpha system :smiley:

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