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Something shady happening in a pvp match

I just encountered a player who was able to use a regular move before my priority move (no it wasn’t an AI with that whole bug), the match was going as usual, no connection strangeness or anything before this happened:

I did keep the players username if the team would like to look into it. Obviously I won’t post it here.


Thanks for informing us, Kelenken. Could I ask you to send that screenshot along with your support key over to our team at so our team can investigate?

Can do :+1:

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And Phorusaura did use Sidestep after being hit? As opposed to the bug where it overrides your move choice and uses the basic move even though the move shown as selected was something else

It ended up being KO’d before it was able to Side Step, it’d taken a hit prior and the Miragaia was then able to finish it off. Phorus should have been able to Side Step to dodge but yeah :confused:

It does kinda look like that bug, but I havent seen it in a long time. When I’d experience it the move would change to the basic move at the end of the count down, but here neither of those things happened. The timer didn’t count to 0 and Side Step didnt change itself to Cunning Strike.

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I’m pretty sure for me the icon changes only when the time comes for the move to be used, because I remember the suspense of not knowing what move you picked until after you get hit

Mirigia’s move goes through dodge btw

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I thought it didnt cos there’s no precise icon in the move but…it does indeed

oops :laughing: