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Something that 'bugs' me with counter attackers

I’ve been meaning to post this and get some opinions…

Ok, follow me with this -

Say I’m using dioraja and it is slower than my opponent. My opponent has low health and still attacks for some reason. Now let’s say I had selected ferocious strike. Opponent goes first, my counter attack takes them out - then dio still does the ferocious strike against no one, wasting the attack and triggering the cooldown.

Ok, same scenario except this time I’m using tryko. I’m slower, I select rampage. They attack, counter takes them out - tryko then DOES NOT use rampage on no one and it is again available in the very next turn.

The same thing happens if dio uses SS, or I have seen it when carno uses SS too.

Does it have something to do with the added effect in the move, or is it just some programming glitch that dio and carno still do their attacks while tryko stops and gets to save his?

I’d really like to see dio save the attack if the counter takes the opponent out first - just like tryko does.

It has to do with the extra effect. For some reason the game wants the dino to use it and get the effect going. I use this when I want carnotarkus or purutaurus to put up the shield after finishing off the opponent with a counter. If I use precise rampage instead, the move doesnt go off and its saved for the next time.

Yea like person above said, any moves with added personal effects still trigger. So a distracting move would not, since there is nobody to use it on, but ferocious and shield etc still happen. This is useful in most cases though

I see that as being an advantage… A “ferocious-active” Dio is a huge pain to deal with… And if it was activated after the opponent has attacked you and died, that means you’ll have two turns of ferocious attack and counter attack. And with its defensive priority moves it is super annoying

It is because Ferrocious Strike and SS affect the next turn while DSR does no effect on the next turn.
Dio still makes attacks even when the opponent has died so as to increase the damage next turn (FS) or cleanse distraction (SS).