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Something that nobody paid attention to, about the data of the new update

Continentals get hybrids, she thought Ludia’s bad idea.

More creatures, I like it, but I thought the updates are too fast and it does not give to unlock all of them.

Something that Ludia should be aware of in the future are the solo raids, I cannot get Apex DNA because she did not receive invitations for these raids, and many people who already have Mortem Rex at maximum DNA no longer play that raid, the same will happen in little time when Hadros is maxed out.
You have to implement the solo raids option.

Huh? What data?

Continental hybrids. No


datamine from gamepress


Do not emphasize point 3 of this post, it is something that I have asked Ludia for a long time and I would like you to implement it at some point for the reason I already mentioned.

As for the continental creature hybrids, the GamePress data mine says Rinchenia and Stegoceras receive hybrids with Amphicyon and Glyptodon respectively.

Wait can you send me the data mine in a DM. I want to see this!!

Honestly the thing that bothers me the most about this is that only two of them got hybrids. We would expect them to get hybrids eventually; after all they’re dinos in the game that aren’t named Dimodactylus or Alankylosaurus. But they should at least treat them all equally.


Oh of course, Europe gets left out of the continental hybrids. If you are going to force continental hybrids upon us make sure you give ALL 3 hybrids at the same time instead of disadvantaging one continent.

As for solo Apex raids I say no way, they can’t start making Apex raids easy now for solo play. Also I have no intention of ending Apex raids when I get mine to lvl 30… who knows what Ludia has planned for Apex DNA in the future.


Yep. If they get uniqes we should have them viable as tournaments or a continental exclusives pursuit

Let’s just hope struthiomimus doesn’t have a unique

I’ve read it. I wasn’t expecting coelurosauravus to be in the game but it’s good since he is a iconic creature. Megalotops sounds like a hybrid of megalonyx with either dakotanops or acrocanthops. The new para sounds like a para lux hybrid or a new parasaurolphus hybrid with the two gorgo hybrids

Of course continental rares will get hybrids. Everything eventually gets a hybrid. As long as continental exclusive hybrids are not top tier game changers in PVP, where suddenly one continent has the best creature, it should be OK.