Something to consider if you are on the fence about quitting JWA

Had enough of not getting a response about boost sales? Tired of having bugs that never get fixed? Angry about having your favorite creature nerfed and losing boosts put on it? Getting more 17/27s than you can handle?

If any of the above apply (or others I haven’t mentioned), and you are on the fence about quitting, please consider this going forward:

Remember how you are being treated as a customer by this company. That is all. The next time you consider starting a new game, look at the developer, remember how they listened to you, fixed problems, or responded to your support emails.

I personally am still going to play this game. I am not quitting anytime soon. However, unless there are some changes, I am also not picking up any other Ludia games in the future. In fact, just my own craziness here, but I am also not playing any Universal licensed game with rights sold to another company either (yes - I know they aren’t responsible, but it is my choice). Ludia made them look bad as well IMO.

I hope those of you that are considering leaving don’t. There is great potential in this game, and they may eventually decide to right some of these wrongs. If you do decide to go however, please just remember…


Well said.


I’ve been on the fence a while, but it’s mostly due to the unfair arena with uneven matchmaking that caters to people with expendable income that are able to overboost dinosaurs capable of one hitting your team. Almost every match I get the opponents team is boosted. Very rarely is arena battling actually fun so I avoid it. When I do have to do it for daily missions it is a chore I absolutely dread and I always have to weigh whether the mission reward is worth the aggravation.

The arena is definitely broken. They need an arena for daily mission/alliance mission players that want to play a fair arena in which matchmaker works and there are no boosted dinosaurs.


If only ludia would actually listen to their players


I know a fair amount of people irl who play and can honestly say that all of them, and myself are on the fence.

As stated by the OP the game has potential, just not thr management or vision to unlock it due to greed and a singular focus on money.

I just hope they realise soon that a good product makes money, that simple… Not stealth tactics to try herd people towards buying incubators and boosts.

If they put as much time in to developing the game to fix its current mess as they do trying to find new ways to sell overpriced nonsense the rest would take care of itself.

There was a reason back in the day that world of warcraft was king and all the pretenders died off. Quality game play at a fair subscription price. Its not a difficult model to implement and everyone ia a winner. Any game that goes pay to win fails, even tbe mighty warcraft fell prey to this in the end.


JWA in it’s current state is worse than it used to be before 1.7. But I just don’t want to waste 428 hours (according to Game Launcher) devoted to this game just because Ludia’s weird decisions and greed


If they would focus more on microtransactions like the one they did a couple times for $1.99 US they could make money and keep the players happy. I’d like the idea if they sold a 20 minute boost for $1.99 that when used would reveal all dinos within a certain radius. So many are hidden and we have no idea they are there.


I am still playing and recording everything.
Every little bug, every lag, everything…

Ludia made over 26 million $ in the first year. Before boosts ever was a thing.
And they still using us paying customers to be the beta testers. In many cases the alpha testers!
And even though we did that for over a year and a half, the same bugs remain. and new ones are added with every new update.

So either the don’t give a dc2 ass or they are completely incompetent.

But you all going to be trully amazed in the next 2 months. BIG changes are coming. Trust me

I see that…

Unfortunately they have tripled down on the boost strategy at this point. I am afraid that there is no way back.

Redo boosts? Your whales would revolt after all of the money they have spent.

Two arenas - boosted and non? I have a hard time getting at times match now, imagine if you split the players. And what level 10 player would knowingly decide to go into a pay to win arena, so players there would quickly dwindle.

I wish I could say I see a way out of the new boost meta, but I think this is the game now. The only change I think they will make to boosts as sales slow is the addition of armor and crit boosts.


I have a love-hate relationship with this game. I stick with it for two reasons. One, I am a big fan of all the Jurassic Park/World films. Two, my alliance. I feel honored to have been accepted into one of the best alliances in JWA (Sand Dunes), and I want to stay there and help them out. I’ve been a member for almost a year, I think.

I despise pay-to-win crap, but for me the good outweighs the bad so I’ll keep on keeping on :slightly_smiling_face:


I have stuck with it too @deepwrinkle. I keep hoping for the best, but expecting the worst from LootzYa. So far that approach has not disappointed me.

I have also tried to figure out how to make my own game out of it by creatively dropping, focusing on PvE, etc. I just cannot bring myself to play Lie2ya’s pay to win game.


Considering their games won’t load most of the time and all they tell you to do is follow the troubleshooting suggestions-which don’t work, I’m already barely playing. They told me to make sure my device had enough internal memory to play, not just download, no answer when I told them it is new. One guy suggested I get a new phone to play JWAlive. I’m not buying a new device just to play their games.

Thats exactly what companies pray upon, they WANT players to feel too invested to walk away.

Why you think the entire first year of the game was so great? balancing dinosaurs, very little pay to win, no boosts and fun? it was because they need to get players feeling attached to their teams so its hard to walk away.

Think of it this way, why would someone pay a fortune to boost a team they don’t care about? exactly!

Personally I just cut my losses, the company will never change so im through giving them chances to let me down.


It will massively depend on the IP, but I would be very wary of another Ludia game. It isn’t just this one, it is reading the forums on the others too, and hearing about what happened to older ones.

I’m only in it to complete the dinodex. Once that is done, I dunno if I’ll stay. Tho my alliance is a good bunch so maybe.

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Thought about it several times, actually did a few times.

I just wish the corporation would invest a little more time into the game, I think the rewards for them would increase.

Anyway, was pretty close to throwing in the towel again, and found myself mid Library. Same team, same boosts… was never able to stay in Library…and here I am killing it.

How is Aviary worse than Library? Matchmaking. They listened to us, but they didn’t hear us. They broke it worse. Invest some resources, spend some time listening to us, hear what we are saying.


I play less than before I got really bored for the bad matchmaking I only want to unlock the animals I stopped to climb the arenas.

It’s still fun overall. The arena is stupidly broken with boosts, but also because there aren’t enough players at equal strengths to make battles fun. They’re usually pretty one-sided for or against, which makes battling a real grind. Expect to lose a couple before you win one every time. That said, I quit once already out of frustration with the arena. My wife convinced me to come back to help the alliance. If she quits, I’ll drop it again.


It bugs me how often they try to get you to spend money. I don’t even feel like the money I have spent on the game gets me these over powdered dinos people talk about. I lose battles frequently, and I’m level 20 in the game and have a team of all level 25 or greater dinos.


The fun outweighs the bad for me. Boosts are the only thing that I dislike. Everything else works well for me and provides me great entertainment. That the game is about prehistoric animals is the icing for me.