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Something to consider if you are on the fence about quitting

Had enough of not getting a response about boost sales? Tired of having bugs that never get fixed? Angry about having your favorite creature nerfed and losing boosts put on it? Getting more 17/27s than you can handle?

If any of the above apply (or others I haven’t mentioned), and you are on the fence about quitting, please consider this going forward:

Remember how you are being treated as a customer by this company. That is all. The next time you consider starting a new game, look at the developer, remember how they listened to you, fixed problems, or responded to your support emails.

I personally am still going to play this game. I am not quitting anytime soon. However, unless there are some changes, I am also not picking up any other Ludia games in the future. In fact, just my own craziness here, but I am also not playing any Universal licensed game with rights sold to another company either (yes - I know they aren’t responsible, but it is my choice). Ludia made them look bad as well IMO.

I hope those of you that are considering leaving don’t. There is great potential in this game, and they may eventually decide to right some of these wrongs. If you do decide to go however, please just remember…