Something to do whilst the game it down

Let’s just do something that might amuse the people who are locked out of there games and waiting for an announcement

Imagine that you are a velociraptor in a pack of 7. Due to some unsuccessful hunts, your pack hasn’t eaten for a long duration of time and without food will start dying of starvation.
In the distance you spy a group of large hadrosaurs. An adolescent has separated itself from the herd, giving you and your pack the perfect opportunity to strike and possibly kill it. This young hadrosaur is large enough for the whole pack to feast on and keep you going for a few more days until you regain your strength Still, you know that due to its size compared to you, this adolescent could still trample you and your pack to death and due to being weak from hunger, you pack will be slower and less stealthy. You know that there could possibly be a small group of Protoceratops’ somewhere near you which your pack will defiantly be able to take down but they will not feed the whole pack and you do not know for certain how close the nearest one is.

Would you…
A. Rally your pack and attack the adolescent hadrosaur, hoping that you and your pack are strong enough to take it down.


B. Search for a group of Protoceratops, hoping to find a few before you all starve to death, but know that you will have to find and kill 4 in order to feed the whole pack

I’ll just daydream of the pre-boost days…


Oh those glorious days…

Go for the big one, but hope that it doesn’t swap into draco.


Well, DC one shots an equal level raptor

Is the Hadrosaur boosted?

Killed me lol

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Can the Hadrosaur cloak?

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