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Something to help nerf both Indo gen 2 and Indom gen 2

First, get rid off the immunity for stun from indo gen 2, would make the biggest of differences and give it more counters than just unique counters

Second, take away indom gen 2’s definite strike, it really makes indom useless if it is fighting it, and other creatures with cloak like itself, it is a cloak-cloak killer. Has cloak, but destroys yours.

Its a bit weird

What do you mean.

I saw (cloak-cloak killer)

Cloaked killer of cloaks

But why did you take away indom gen 2’s definite strike

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So basically, if indom uses cloak, indom 2 can take it away.

Yes you are correct

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indo gen 2 could use a nerf in health n maybe attack but indom gen2 in fine.
if ur indominius gets killed by indom gen 2 use it instead of regular indominus stop crying

Well indom gen 2 dies from itself too.