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Something to improve pvp

So anyone who plays this game probably know
That pvp in this game is a very one-sided and it’s nothing more than a big steaming pile of unfair garbage

So i want to Change that i have 2 ideas for improvments in the arena system

1lvl restriction
So currently there is no lvl restriction in the arena,this means that uniques can be in lower arenas like mt sibo,to stop that each arena will have a lvl restriction,any dinosaur whos lvl is higher or lower than the restriction will not be put onto the fight,if the player had no dinosaur that is sufficient to the lvl restriction they won’t be able to play pvp

2 arena barriers
Each time you get promoted to another arena you can 't go back to arenas lower than that arena,this was done to prevent droppers(those players who intentionally lose in higher arenas so they can torment lower level players in lower arenas,and also get a cheap,and easy win)

So what do you think about my suggestions
Tell me in the replies.


They are great ideas, especially the second idea.

People drop for a variety of reasons but mainly because they’ve hit a wall in the arena they should be in. So they drop or get their dbi easier or to farm incubators in an easier environment.

There is an argument to suggest that you are equally as likely to meet a dropper on the way down (giving you an easy win) as on the way up (when you get whipped as they get easy wins). So why complain?

Well let’s look at what Ludia do every month. Every season they drop everyone in the top arenas into the same levels as players well below where they should be, so in a way they encourage players to do the same.
So the first change should be the monthly reset, and players shouldn’t have to be playing people way better than they are for the first week or so until it settles.

Next, as you say let’s either cap levels in arenas or stop players from dropping. We could even make rewards better in higher arenas to encourage players to stay where they should be.

Finally let’s hope players who deliberately drop to wreak havoc on other players stop for a moment and think about what they are doing. What goes round comes round after all, and this is destroying the game for everyone. For every player that quits the game it’s another potential player for the top arenas lost, and the matchmaking issues continue.

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So what you’re sayimg is that even though my suggestion fix one problem in pvp it also creates another rpother problem in pvp?

Not really, I agree that your ideas are good.

But if you limit levels to the arena you won’t find uniques in Mt Sibo anyway.

The worry I have is the players who get a lucky rng session and move up an arena and can’t drop. They will suffer for ages in an arena that’s a bit too high for them.

Maybe we could have ai after 2 losses in any arena?

Not sure about the 1st Idea. Second Idea I adore.

Considering someone on here has confirmed they do it for giggles and cause it’s fun I think they fully know what they are doing.