Something to keep in mind regarding the St Pattys day event


People in Italy and China are not allowed to leave their homes other than to go to the store for food and medicine. France is locking everything down too. Other countries will surely follow with this serious public health concern.

What if this was your country? What if you lived in an area with a confirmed outbreak and wanted to be safe and stay home? What if your country didn’t allow you to leave your home due to safety risks and we had 5 attempts on Geminititan? Would that be fair?

Having a mild St Patrick’s day is for the better, and fair for everyone. In that way, I think Ludia did the right thing.

Please stay safe, everyone.


what if they did kept the same way but literally quadrupled the quantity of suply drops?


If you happened to spawn out range of the supply drops, you would still be out of luck while everyone else reaps the benefits. I think for now, a less exciting event is the best way to go, so those in less fortunate situations aren’t missing out on much.

What about a “St. Patrick’s Day Scent”?


Is there such an event?

None of this would be an issue if 1.13 contains a joystick (Gyrosphere). I don’t know why all these AR gaming companies are so resistant to the idea of being able to move around your local area from the safety and comfort of home. Remember, it’s not cheating if everyone has access to it.


You’re saying make cheating ok by letting everyone do it. Man this argument has been raging for a long time and it’s not ever going to be ok. If you make spoofing ok do the original spoofers get to come back? The game loses all meaning if you can just sit on your back side and float around the world, its.not special to find an epic because you just had to move your thumb until you did… no joysticks


My idea is not the same as the spoofing that is against TOS: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Global Health March 13, 2020

This isn’t the same as people teleporting all over the world and posting coordinates of epics on Discord. A 2-3 mile limit around your real location should eliminate that. Also, you would be free to play normally as well.


2-3 miles is PLENTY of room to be able to reach EVERY ZONE plus parks. That’s absurd. IF it were to happen, the absolute maximum that I would support is 200m. It’s a game where you’re supposed to move around.

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That’s fine and dandy if you live in an urban area. I’m considering those who live in rural and suburban areas, are quarantined, or have other reasons they can’t leave the house such as disabilities, chronic illness, stay-at-home parenting, or children and elderly who can’t play safely while out and about.


Easy for you and me to say this as US citizens, where we don’t need to get government documents just to go to the store right now for food and toilet paper. There’s some messed up stuff going on out there in the world right now. Not everyone is able to even play JWA as intended. Some people literally can’t leave their homes. I’m not sure on the “legal spoof” gyrosphere thing, but I definitely think something more should be done, and a great event that people might miss out on is not something that should be done at the moment.


What @deepwrinkle probably intended was a feature in 1.13 where you can allow your character to “walk” for some limited distance without the need to go actually go outside, which not everyone can do at the moment. This would likely be a temporary measure, and removed once things settle down.

Heck, they could even region lock it to super effected areas for all I care, where it’s a government enforced home lockdown.


In honor of the 1.13 teaser…


You and I have the privilege of living in a country where we are actually to go out and play whenever we want, wherever we want. Other people in other countries don’t have that privilege right now. It would not only be an unfair move for Ludia to just say “tough luck” and leave them out to dry, but an entire country being effectively cut off from playing the game will undoubtably eat into their profits.

Now, again, I’m unsure on the gyro thing in general, and a couple miles is probably too much, but doing nothing is not the right call.


200m is VIP distance.

I would say 500m - 1000m would be enough for Gyrosphere feature. Of course this should be limited (2-3 times/day, VIP gets 2 more) and with timer like scents (10-15 minutes).
This way you still need to walk outside to hunt more, spin more drops. Though this could be great for occasions like it is now or in days with heavy rain. This wouldn’t be even close to spoofing.

All affected countries with virus, will sooner or later have lockdown.


the main problem is lack of financial incentive. JWA has a ranged supply drop access feature and 200m range to dart creatures. So hitting things not next to you is in the game.

If its put in the game as a feature, it will be permanent given the coding required so what that opens up is on Ludia.

I dun mind it if it is rolled out. Might be nice to farm supply drops and event drops from home on days I have no time to go out and hunt.

The range cannot be too far if not we have trouble. Essentially within a 1 block radius

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I would leave anyway and catch the dinos, but that’s just me.

This gyrosphere idea goes against the core theme of the game… “go out, catch some dinos”.
So why waste our collective time discussing this?

Even in lockdown, like Italy and Spain currently are… you still have to go out to get groceries.
So in those runs, or the people like myself that have dogs… I’m always facing the CV19 risk.
The current St. Patty schedule just means my walks to get this things are gonna be way less rewarding.

Plus… this global threat is not gonna disappear in one week.
This is our current status quo for the time being, we are talking MONTHS here, fellas.
Are you implying that we should have crappy weeks until then?

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Yea it really sucks. And you know what sucks more? Not having a single event dino in your area.
This is the closest one I have.


Here at Spain we are also locked down in quarantine. You may only leave for getting food or medical supplies and situation will soon be worse than Italy (let alone China) with people dying by hundreds at hospitals because there are no facilities at ICUs. Anyway I think the gyro thing is not the right call although we may be locked up for months and some alliance partners have even put their freedom at risk with enforcement officers while hunting for Diplos.