Something to tell me before the year ends

This is something I have in my mind. Please keep in mind that before you comment, make it all PG and lower. You must also follow Ludia rules before commenting. I will see y’all on 2022. Happy trails



Happy new year!:fireworks:

But really, I hope next year will be better, this one was pretty bad

And this forum really helped me go through this harsh year

Same goes to you. Let’s hope 2022 doesn’t end up like 2020


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! :apple:

Thanks for the wholesome post


You’re mostly welcome, bud. Have a rest of a good year


This was a pretty interesting year for me, a lot of good and a lot of bad, so im hoping 2022 can be even better than this already pretty decent year

This year’s been really good for me. I’ve joined new communities, including this one, and have met great people. I hope I and everyone else has a great 2022!

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Same goes to all of y’all

Happy new year everyone. Hope we see a lot of cool new creatures and features. Especially with dominion. Hopefully we’ll also get some expansion to older rigs

Congrats on being an ambassador, I think that’s a pretty big deal

Thank you, Stygi. I actually got it since nearly a year now

Happy New Year! Hope you have stayed safe this year and will stay safe next year as well. Thanks for all the great things you’ve done on the forums. Have to say, Jurassic World Alive Elimination has grown and is awesome!

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Thank you so much, Roaring Raptor. I tried the best as I can to make it entertaining after my Creature File ended sadly


I’m still waiting for boost shuffle this year.

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Oh. I see


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Not sure if this is relevant but you spelt Zupayosaurus when it’s actually Zupaysaurus on Don’t Deal With The Devil.

Thanks for correction, Sucho. Unfortunately, I can’t edit it

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Have a happy new year (and a few antiflocks)

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