Something unusual with v1.5

Not sure whether it is just me but I observe that

(1)matchmaking is worse than v1.4. My opponents always have 100-300 points higher than me.
(2)Epic Dinos (such as Sino, mono, orano) have disappeared. I never seen them after the 1.5

Buy moar scents! That’s Ludias answer.


That’s what is called ‘balancing’…:rofl:

  • After 1.5, I have found only 3 Stegosaurus - in total;
  • More bugs i.e. Rajaky’s Long Protection move after the opponents dino fainted, Dracoceratops swap in stunning move, etc.;
  • Much less green supply drops.

The list may grow longer.

Kudos to the Devs…:clap:

It’s always been like this and it’s supposed to be like this. Same with ferocious strike on other creatures and extended critical strike.

I may be wrong. But the Long Protection is considered as a move - which should count as damage. Since the opponent’s dino has fainted, then, the damage does not count towards the new dino.
Besides, if it appears before your opponent’s dino comes out, then, it will be a bit easier for the opponent to choose their next dino.
The bug may have been there before 1.5 (not really sure about it), but surely it is something that need to be fix. Just my opinion - I think it shouldn’t be that way…

Any move with a buffing affect will go even if there is no available target. The move is for the buff, the damage is a side affect that will happen to the enemy if there is one.

I don’t have complaints about matchmaking so far.

Spawns are rubbish, I agree. I would dare to hypothesize that there’s a bug that makes rare and epic spawns dissapear every time that green supplies and strike boxes are redistributed. Then they gradually increase back to “normal”. However, sometimes they don’t have time to come back to normal before a new distribution of the map occurs. That makes epic spawns miss from the game 80% of the time.
Or it may be just intended. Not having epic spawns at all may be Ludia’s master design…