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Something weird happening with Carbo vs Alanqa

Opponent’s Carbo uses Dig In, my Alanqa attacks with Rampage for very little damage.
The next turn I use Superiority Strike and Carbo uses Superior Vulnerability.

Alanqa should still be faster, but then both creatures have the same speed and a speedtie happens! Which I always lose by the way… Am I missing something here?? Carbo’s speed after Dig In only goes to 114 (it speedties with Secodonto). Alanqa has 124. And again, my SS came the turn after the Dig In, so it wasn’t cleansed. It makes no sense that they have the same speed after they are both slowed down 50%… Actually, even if it was cleansed, Carbo should be faster, not have the same speed. Unless there’s some kind of crazy math here that I don’t know about.

This situation happened to me three times in the tournament. The first one I though I missed something and just accepted it. The second one I was pretty sure about it and raged because it happened in a moment I would win and it cost me -40 medals. The third one I paid a lot of attention and even took a screenshot.

So, whatahell? The game is considering Alanqa’s speed to be 114 in that situation for some reason


Yep this just happened to me as well and cost me the game.

Alanqa was slower when it was added. What was her speed then? If it was 114 then servers don’t recognize current code.

Yeah it happened to me too

Was this against me? I’ve had this happen to enemy Alanqa.

I think the calcule is (104/2)+(10%*104) that would explain a lot

Where alanqa is (124/2))=62


^this. But still, based on ludia’s rounding number mechanic, it should be a speed tie situation. Were you encountering that @Arnold?

They do speed like they do damage.
(100%+10%-50%) x 104 for carbo
(100%-50%) x 124 for alanqa

104 x 60%=62.4 for carbo
124 x 50%=62 for alanqa

With rounding both at 62. Both same level and epic so speed tie.


Thanks for the explanation. I had a feeling it was something like that

Which is completely stupid math :joy:


I agree.

Someone: lets keep things basic and logical with the calculations.

Head Ludia guy: Find the most annoying and irrational way to do it but still call it math.

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Lol wth :rofl: