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Something weird just happened

I started the final stage of the Snow Wraith try-out event and somehow it put me into Arena?

I kept getting the error captured here after every turn:

After clearing the error each turn, it would change the spirit levels and health of all dragons, and a few times changed special tiles on the board.

When the last dragon was down to no health, it wouldn’t end the game. I had to flee twice, then got a victory message for arena.

I ended up winning an arena battle with a dragon I don’t own, so no harm there. Just thought this one was bizarre enough to report.

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Lol, that’s a unique bug - and so very crazy

Unique or the subject of half of the current posts

It’s a different case than the others @Talisax

Different symptom, same disease

The prominent disease doesn’t affect the spirit and health of our dragons. Are you sure you read all?