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Something weird

Was playing today and wasn’t fairing well. It took a lot of effort, but was able to defeat my opponent’s nodapatitan. Then they got a brand new nodapatitan to finish me off. I took a screenshot of the defeat screen to capture my opponent’s username. When I went to look for them in the recent opponents list, their name was not there.

Has this happened to anyone else?

That was an AI. There was a problem a while ago with them pulling duplicate dinos. That bug may have come back with the new update.


It’s frustrating enough battling folks who are purposely losing to get DNA from other arenas. Now I’ll have to deal with a cheating AI. Awesome.


This really takes the biscuit!

You just couldn’t make this up!

Ludia have ai that cheat :man_facepalming:


That’s definitely the AI bug. Take solace in knowing you don’t lose any trophies and just queue again.

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You think that’s weird? Try this… oh and I didn’t even have Erlidominus in my team setup. After restart it was Procera who was in my team🤷🏼‍♀️



Jurassic world alive now has Dynamaxing!!! Nice :star_struck: lol.


Actually, they were more than happy to drop my standing.

That’s crazy!

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This bugs been out for like as long as i have been playing… during 1.5 i had the ai use two different dg2s and two different allosinos once… was a good time.

Right now this “pity” ai is overtuned for each arena. And its dumb cause its not much of a pity ai when its winning 3-1 and taking 25 trophies.

This has been an issue since 1.10… my guess is its supposed to encourage you to buy boosts.

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It happened again last night. My opponent’s had 2 diplotators.

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