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Something wrong or what

Looks t this picture Screenshot_2019-05-15-15-43-57-1 do you see some thing wired on top I took a screen shot as I wanted to inspect the padlock but I saw this wired blue laser lines on top

What platform are you playing on? It looks like you got the update?

Hey Carnoraptor, could you contact our support team here at with your support key and device information so they can take a look? Thanks!

Congratulations, you have become beta tester for JW updates. Seriously, my padlock hasn’t changed, does this cause any problems in you game?

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Uh oh…now they want to take your game into “the back” for testing and questioning!!

It is a screen shot from the vid

Oooooooo it’s probably just part of the production of the video, static background with the game overlaid on top. We all thought you actually had the paddock in your game.

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