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Something wrong with free skip for incubator


For each incubator, the last 15 minutes can be skipped by watching videos or use 3 hard cashes. However, I noticed that since last Sunday, every time I try to skip the 15 minutes by watching videos, it always shows error and forces me to use hard cash to skip. Could you please solve this problem? @Nerd


Hey Blairhjz, if you’re able to grab a screenshot of the error that pops up next time, our team would be happy to take a look and investigate if you emailed them here at with the screenshot.


I’ve had this happen a lot. About 1/2 to 2/3 of the time, I get a playback error and it kicks me back to the battle/incubator screen. However, if I wait a few moments, the 3 hard cash becomes “Watch” again and when I tap on that, it opens the inc without having to try another video.

There doesn’t seem to be a link between data or wifi - it happens on both.

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this happens for me too, which is why i never reported it :sweat_smile:
free speed up :+1:

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I still wouldn’t have said anything, but I don’t want people paying the bucks either. :smiley:


When the”watch” button showed again after you waited for a few seconds, if you press it for skipping, you will instantly open the incubator, however, the system still takes hardcash away,and I noticed this so many times.


Interesting, I’ve never noticed that. I’ll pay closer attention.


I’ll have to pull my video of this happening and post it because this stole 3 cash from me. It said “video playback error” and i backed out of that screen and tapped watch again. Then it appears to just skip the video and go straight to opening the incubator, but it actually just takes your cash and opens it. This kind of garbage is just expected from Ludia these day so i guess i shouldn’t be surprised.


Well, joke is on me then.

I am also not surprised. At all.


ive never watched to see if it took cash away :grimacing:
sounds about right though from ludia.


Yeah I didn’t notice it took cash away either until I had 0 cash after buying a scent and it wouldn’t let me skip


Yeah, it takes the 3 cash. Happened to me a lot so I stopped trying to watch the video after the first try doesn’t work.


Yep, confirmed. It took 3 cash from me this morning.