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Something you might not know about the Match mars

I noticed one thing … 4 League dino like the 4 species (herbivores, carnivores, amphibians and pterosaurs) and there would be two gen 2 and two new species, in gen 2 we had an amphibian and a carnivore ( kaprosuchus and we will have spinosaur) in a new species we had edmontosaur, in total we had 1 amphibian, 1 carnivor and 1 herbivore, the next one will be a non gen2 pterosaur! I am thinking of nictosaurus…

and for you ? what will be the next pterosaur, put it in the comments, if possible with a picture…

Here is a picture of nictosaurus

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Was the exact same thing not posted in another Thread?..

That’s not what I meant. What I meant was if I remember correctly hadn’t you made another Thread with this same message?

there were too many spelling mistakes, I’m trying to delete the old one but its bug

I understood correctly, I wanted to answer for your answer on the hybrid tournament.

You can edit it though im pretty sure if you havent yet tried.

finally, i managed to modify :sweat::sweat::sweat: but i can’t delete the old one, it doesn’t matter ???

suddenly, yes it is probable but he said (with only new species) well, it may be wrong … because I would very much like a segnosuchus even if my favorite hybrid will be yudon forever …