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Sometimes indom is more dangerous than erlindom

My indom killed a max boosted speed165 erlindom at Nublar shores after killing a thor as well as a tryko who didnt have plans. The erindoms cloak failed and died from a 12k crit.


It would be cool to se some gameplay videos of that monster. :smile:

I’m probably not even going to try to erlidom now, indominus 4 the win!

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Wow!! That Indom loooks amazing!!

This one is mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Got my Indom at lvl 26. I love this beast. She has wiped out many a good team single handed. She’s gonna be with me till the end.


WOW that is a very tanky indom.


The thing is indoms slower but has more hp than erlindom, same attack as erlindom however erlindoms attacks dont peirce armor while indom does armor peircing rampage which is better than rampage.


Level 30 boosted dinos doesn’t automatically mean crazy money spender.

On behalf of all respectable free to plays in the game: you’re being a toxic tool. It’s none of your business and there’s nothing wrong with spending money on the game.


I’m starting to level my indom purely because my erlidom can’t do anything in the arenas, but indom is pretty good.

I agree for the record i did not spend money on boost for indom i maxxed her for free it took many months, however i did buy boosts for dc anky and rixes all others i did the hard way.

To the jelly haters i did not buy boost to max indom i maxxed her for free it took many months, i did however buy boosts for anky rixes and dc the rest of my team i maxxed for free the hard way.Anyway Its free to play pay to win and just have fun, you can get up there for free it just takes way longer, keep in mind im fighting heavy money spenders who have indo gen 2 max boosted lvl 30 my gen 2 is still only 26 as well as max boosted 30 erlindoms mines only 22 as well as max boosted magnas lvl 30 with 160 speed mines only 25 sheesh.

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You don’t have to justify yourself. People will still call you a crazy money spender. Just keep your head up and keep doing good :+1:

If a Indom survives, it wins

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I will, upper gyro and nublar shores is crazy once they get there even lockwood they will understand. Its insane they dont understand.

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Go team indom.

Keep lvling her, use the gigascent at night for raptor dna.

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They are just mad and jealous let em get mad and jealous and stamp their feet over childish things.They need more crayons for their coloring books.Yall need more crayolas and just have fun kiddos at jurassic ruins.

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As for my anky she killed a max boosted 165 speed erlindom as well due to her cloak failing.If it was against a max boosted indom like mine my anky would be toast.

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I take it your Anky is boosted. Only Health and Attack?

I have my anky up to 24 right now. Been thinking about leveling it up further but not sure if I want to use boosts.

Its pretty good a poor mans ardento which is why i lvled her to 30 and max boosted her shes amazing. If my rolly polly can make it as far as nublar shores anyones can with boosts and max lvl shes not to be underestimated take advantage of tuesday and wednesday for the DNA.

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