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Sometimes indom is more dangerous than erlindom

Its a flaw with cloak vs cloak to indom, even if it dodges my indom does so much damage kills erlindom. My indoms still cloaked with the damage bonus with armor peircing rampage.

Shes amazing much tankier hits as hard but immune to slow and armor peircing attacks, easier to lvl too no golden chicken needed.

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That’s assuming you dodge

Same with erlindom but it still dies its got 4k hp at most usually 3 k a 9900 hp or 1100ish hit lots a health gone i can swap DC to kill it. Given my indom doesnt crit for 18k.No dodge can survive that even for erlindom, not an 18k crit with max 4k hp lol.

That cause you got a lucky crit he could survive without it, and he’s could predict DC

True,i can swap my Ardento though and shes gone or Tryko.

My trykos great at killing erlindom.

I got big teeth and my claws are sharp, i chase you till you you run too far then ill find someone else to eat, i got the most haunting roar,im a hybrid dinosaur! This includes many thors and erlindoms killed.

Ear worm for the win muahahaha my indom will sing hybrid dinosaur!

its her favorite song she loves singing it while destroying her enemies who underestimate her.