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Sometimes simplicity and constistency is better than complicacy and unpredictability


First things first, apart from the bugs and the silliness that 1.7 started with, I like the update as it runs quicker, new creatures and content were added and I don’t even mind the new darting system that much as it probably is a matter of habitude. That said, I’m really having a tough time with the implementation of stat boosts. So before the stat boosts entered the game, factors like the knowledge of the creature’s approximate health and damage and especially speed, as well as their strengths and weaknesses were critical in gaining an advantage in battle. Now it plays more like a random dino battle simulator where the thing that determines who wins is who has spent more stat boosts on their already too powerful end game dinos (I’m in Aviary). This way the battling system becomes more pay to win, while also forcing you to use the stat boosts and maybe spend real money on them just to stay competitive at the same rank that all your hard work thus far has earned you. I don’t know if it’s too late for Ludia to take this all back (they will make more money so probably we’re stuck with it), so as kind of a solution 2 arenas could exist where you choose if you want to play with boosted or non boosted dinos? This obviously creates its own problems with balancing, matchmaking etc., so we’re stuck in a loop. One thing is for certain, my desire to try to find strategies and gameplay to beat specific dinos or lineups in the Arena has greatly diminished and I don’t know if it will ever be the same with this terrible new system. When you click battle and you lose to an 140+ speed Magna or Thor (insert OP dino here) with boosted everything it just feels bad and you don’t want to play anymore. How is that fair or rewarding to the players that have been playing this game for so long? I just don’t understand how you come up with a system like this if your goal is to create a fun experience in the Arena. Except if Ludia’s only goal is to make the most money possible, without caring about the enjoyment the players feel towards their game.


I’d like to second that. It’s ridiculous that you would allow creatures to be powered up (apparently) with no limit. It completely and utterly destroys the balance of power and rock/paper/scissors-principle that was working reasonably well before. Where the sloppy matchmaking system was mildly frustrating before, at least you ended up on the lucky side of it every once and a while. Now, that you enabled players to make their own luck with plenty of $$$ it became unbearable. Losing 0-3 to a Thoradolosaur with 120+ speed and then being penalized 30 trophies for that isn’t something I am willing to just tolerate as bad luck anymore. (Besides, it becomes even more frustrating when you’ve been timing out 10 times before getting that match.)

In competitive sports they say: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. I’m about to start hating the game you reinvented with the recent update. Please consider undoing the stat boosts or at least limiting them to 1 for each category or something. As it stands now you will drive away many of the loyal players and leave only those who are willing to pay for their way to success.


I dont like the stat boosts, if they really wanted them they should have done something like this:

if you boost attack it lowers health
if you boost health or speed it lowers attack.


More like it just needed limitation. i realize the sheer amount of boosts required for level 10 is insane. But they would have be far better off if you could only boost a dino 10 times and needed to pick and choose where those 10 stats had to go. 3/3/4? 10/0/0? 5/5/0? It actually adds a little strategy and not a “who spent more to max out a single dino”.


I’d even go so far as to say boosting HP and Attack are okay. But Initiative is such an essential and delicate element of the battle mechanics. Allowing boosts of 10+ points is MASSIVE. Essentially you are introducing the “Super Volcano” into Rock-Paper-Scissors.

At least they could’ve made availability of the boosts MUCH rarer, e.g. only through incubators and not through purchases, so that you don’t run into them all the time. At current state you can only dare to enter the arena with boosted up Dino’s I’d your own or run a high chance of being picked apart. This will also amplify the matchmaking problems, as more risk averse players will only play battles when they have “prepared” their team to win.

On another note it wouldn’t bother me at all if Ludia had come up with a working team strength metric not for matching but for trophy awards. If I lose to someone who thought he needed to spend hundreds on boosts on unique Dino’s that is fine with me, as long as I lose only 6 trophies or so. But being penalized 30 trophies in a situation where the opponent has a super fast unique Dino that simply kills all of yours with its first attack is too frustrating to bear.


The boost effect say much about the future of the game, they dont care about balance anymore, if they want more money just keep up level to 20 - 30 for give us a chance to buy more incubators offerts, or sell some cosmetics like skins or just link this game whit the other one for more dna.

If u change the rules of ur game u play whit fire.

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I can agree with that. I don’t really mind the damage and health boosts that much but changing the speed is just game breaking. All the tweaks and changes they have made become void and it’s way more random. From some datamines it is rumored that crit chance and armor may receive boosts as well, which makes it even more ridiculous. Imagine a Thor with 60% or even more crit chance, who wants to play in an environment like that?


This is just so ridiculous. Got penalized 38 (!) trophies for the fact that this abomination instantly killed all my Dino’s at first bite.


Stat boosts combined with the drone changes, which have gotten better with time imo, have lessened my desire to go out and hunt. Why grind for a month to add one more level to my unique, when I can just open battle incubators and improve the stats that I feel need improved. It definately feels like they only invented a new cash cow that just want you to milk for them.