Sometimes you just know

I had 4 friendly challenges this morning, lost all 4 to RNG. Couldnt dodge a single thing, couldnt hit through any, and I mean any evasive/cloaks.

After that I drove around and darted stuff and worked on alliance missions as I still had 7 hours or so on the battle inc timer.

Came home and logged into my alt account and saw the timer was up for its battle inc. I lost every match to RNG, took me 9 battles (all losses) to get my inc. Same deal, 100% fail to dodge, litterally, and 0% to hit through.

I’m not going to bother with the battle inc on my main account today. Sometimes you just know that its rigged. :wink:


I had the same luck yesterday :anguished:
Got the “12 Battles” Daily Mission, two could be done in Strike Towers but I figured I would do the remaining ten trying to get incubators… went 1/10


I ended up doing the DBI but I waited till night.
First battle I ran into a level 22 Magna with 150 something speed and it wiped my whole team of 26 - 28 dinos with eternal crits lol.

After that first battle it wasnt so bad, think it took me 6 battles in total so wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be compared to the bad start earlier. :slight_smile:

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I was fighting a dilo with my spinotasuchus. I did the critical impact (65% chance) and it didn’t work, left them with about 150 health. They did superiority strike BAM. Crit. 5% chance took me out (I was already down a bit of HP).

Usually if I’m fighting and I think “as long as they don’t crit I’m good” it’s the kiss of death.


My favorite is when they’re tryko crits on counter-attack then crits on a normal attack and if either had not critted you would have won

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This has literally been going on with me for weeks. Opponent leads with an Earl Dodges twice I put mine in and it fails to dodge and dies instantly. I had an opponent’s Indo Dodge nine times in a match the other day the very next person I fought dodged 6 in the meantime in both games I failed the Dodge even once. I played someone two times in a row today and four times my greater stunning strike failed to stun

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Lol you just described every day of my Arena life. It’s why I’m pushing so hard for AI before match making.

Sometimes you just want the DBI and not an hour of frustration trying to get it.

My daily, 100% true and factual experience…

I start out just inside the Aviary with this team.

I promptly get beat down to Lockwood, every day, and then lose a few, win a few (barely), and see my score is still dropping some. Then I win a few more in a row and I get my DBI and Im out.

I end up a few trophies lower then where I started from, (at the bottom of Aviary), every day.

Soon I will start the day from Lockwood all together but im still hanging on for some great 1.8 balancing and changes. :relaxed:

Edit - and yes, that is a genuine un-boosted Thor in that screen shot! If dinos had a $ value, this unique un-boosted and stock Thor would be pricless, lol.

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I dropped from 5390 (ish) yesterday to 4996, currently at 5080. Almost all of that was RNG, failed dodges, faiked stuns… Its definitely frustrating

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I know that feeling, especially the “rigged” suspicion. With the way RNG works, and depending on the RNG libraries used, and the RNG seed, it is possible to get patterns. And I get them too, FAR more frequently on the downside than the upside - longer down streaks that are more punitive per-loss than the shorter up-streaks that are less rewarding per-win (BTW if anyone questions where I stand on the objectivity/bias spectrum, just look at my post history).

A friend was tracking actual battles, then running those matchups in a sim, and tracking results. His initial findings showed some deviations, but regardless of whether it’s data driven, it’s still too early to call it anything other than anecdotal.

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Un-boosted Thor? That’s kind of like PoGO players collecting 0%IV Pokemon.

Incidentally, if collecting worthless things (like zero-percenters) is a thing in your game, then your game has very much lost its mojo.


< duka-duka-duka-duka-duka-duka-duka-duka>

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I feel ya. Lost patience and let the timer run down. One or two times I think.

But that‘s why I‘m somewhere between 4600 and 4800. Either cuz of op Thor or cuz of crappy RNG.


Have you tried using dracocera instead of tryo? I feel like you would do better then. Tryo is incredibily useless in aviary. Perhaps that christmas chicken could also be replaced by Thor? Or maybe you just hate Thor and dracocera and dont use them out of principle :-).

I liked Thor but I saw immediately how broken it was when boosted. I assumed it wouldnt be a smart move to invest in a broken dino so I didn’t boost it.

I use Draco sometimes but more often I don’t.

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I just rewatched the video and I think my opponent‘s Indoraptor stood four turns in evasive even tho I used four attacks every time.
I sent this to the support with screenshots, I just hope I‘m wrong and that it‘s not another bug.
But I feel like there went something wrong. Indoraptor stood for four turns in evasive.


That was my rng yesterday. I played five battles, and put the game away for most of the day. I had 2/10 for my DBI.

It then took me another seven battles to finish it later that night, a good eight hours later.

Rng is rigged to screw you over on certain days.

I get the same thing with fuses, some days ill get great fuses on everything, and on other days ill get WAYYY too many 10s to just be bad luck. (im sorry but 10 fuses of 10 in a row isn’t bad luck, thats the algorithm messing up, it happens far too often for it to be coincidence!).
So when I notice im getting horrible fuses I just stop and do them the next day.

I NEVER level all my dinosaurs or do all my fuses on the same day.


For me its more like a week of constant bad luck now. I fell 700 points in Arena over the last few days after being long time constant around 5250. Also really bad fuses on Deiloracheirus.