Sometimes you just know

Yeah just lately I have felt the rng being different? Some days its 100% screwed other days its short but sweet.

And matchmaking is the worst thing about the game right now. I mean, it is horrible! They need to go back to trophy levels only. Not pairing you up with dinos “your strength” which is also bs to me because I know my dinos are weaker than what I face daily.

Basically doing “team strength” has ruined everything. Trophy count is false now too. I know players with all lvl 19-21 have higher trophies than me.

This arena is trash right now. It needs an update asap. Or for the love of god put battle ai always.

I used to enjoy it. Now I just know my rng will suck, possibly drop 200 trophies, and face teams stronger than me. Trash.

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I was at 4150 last night, by the time I filled my daily incubator I had fallen below 4000, sisbr want to open my incubator till I was back over 4000 to get the +4 instead of the +3…got into a horrible losing streak against Thora with 135 speed and my Erlidom and Procera didn’t dodge even a SINGLE TIME in ANY MATCH… I dint even know how that is possible.

Fuses were also horrible today with nothing but 10a on Procera and 8 of 9 fuses on Indom…

I swear there is code in place set to keep players winning on some days and dodge, and losing on other days.

One of my matches had a Procera that dodged everything, including counter attacks. It soloed my entire team…I didn’t make a single kill.
Next match I bring out my Procera and fo evasive as it was a thor so had no choice or die. Needless to say mine died instantly due to not dodging a single time.

I swear there is an algorithm hidden in the game that lowers your odds of winning. The so called RNG is literally either always on or always off, never in between.
See with that system in place it makes sure someone is always winning and sometimes always losing.

Like how the hell does something dodge 12 attacks and counter attacks?

I ended up falling to 3800 rating trying to get back to 4000. Had to settle for the +3 there was no way in hell I was gaining enough trophies to reach 4000 today. In fact until matchmaking is fixed, I’m just gonna do the bare minimum 10 kills and that’s it, +3 boosts are better than sitting through utter garbage battles for +1 extra boost, not worth it.

Ludia needs to enable AI arena battles for EVERY arena and DISABLE the 30 second delay, I want able to get a single bot today and only for my Thor in 2 matches…and in one it was one shot by another faster Thor.

Ludia I do NOT want to battle players in your toxic arena environment any longer. Give me AI battles so I can earn some incubators

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I get the same bad results daily. Constantly moving up and down… And why? Because we have mid tier teams. This game says screw the middle of the pack!

Those at the top with lvl 26-30 dinos are being matched with lower players as there isn’t much above them.

Those who have a balanced lvl 18-22 team are shooting up because they’re battling other lower level teams. Fact lower level teams are above me in trophies.

Middle class players such as lvl 22-26 dinos are suffering. As we get paired up with the top ranks because our dinos “match” there skill. I call bs. And we NEED rng to work or die.

With this matchmaking there’s no need to level up your dinos. Just stay in lvl 19-22 until you have enough to reach lvl 27 and up.

Yep I actually swapped out my Thor this morning and one other because while its my strongest dinosaur, its causing me to get horrible difficult teams!

I have also gone “fun dinosaur” and immune heavy team, with 5/8 having immunity to stuns and bleeds to help out.
Im now just going to battle until my new lower arena rating levels out and im matched with equal teams. With current matchmaking my better dinosaurs are a total liability now!

Pretty sad when you have to make your team WORSE to win!

Btw im not going to “tanking” my rating down, just going to battle as normal and actually try to win, but will expect a lot of losses till I get down to a stable rating. Even if im dropped down to Lockdown I don’t care at this point!

Just going to ride out the storm in a lower rating until either matchmaking algorithm is fixed up so I can start using my proper team again, or patch 1.8 I released.

Might be a good excuse and time to pop my Tryo and other dinos I don’t use. It really sucks. I’m sure many can agree right now, progress is punished in this new matchmaking. I mean even boosting is bad, it will just make our dinos stronger and match with higher levels. Leveling up is currently toast too. In fact anything that causes the matchmaking to think you’re better is bad news right now.

I put Tryo in replace of Erlidom, Dimodactylus in replace of Tenrex, Allosino in replace of Thor, pachy in replace of dio, indom back in over indo, and some other changes. The 4 boost points in lockwood are just becoming not worth the frustration imho, if i’m there then cool if not oh well. I did care about a week ago.

They will just make your team considered better and get matched with op dinos above you.

How frustrating it can be to see players who have less progress then you climbing up in trophies. While you battle level 28-30 dinos…

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I swapped out most of my team, save a couple. My rating has now stabilised between 3500-3600 where im winning 50% of the matches now!

Im now able to fill my incubator slots with ease now most of my “Good” dinosaurs are benched temporarily.Sure you get a little less DNA in each incubator and a slightly weaker boost, but its actually been FUN lol, and for the first time in weeks im going to bed with all four incubator slots filled!

Even my all time favourite bird Monomimus is back on the roster, sure its got 1600 hp but at this rating its ok considering ratting isn’t as bad as it is in higher arenas.
And since Indominus reigns where im at, being able to swap in that sweet 100% dodge is like heaven!