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Sometimes your opponent REALLY doesn't deserve to win but they win anyway

With a team 4 of my uniques, who are all level 21, I came up against a level 27 indoraptor, 23 Tryko, 22 Dio, and 26 Thor.

He played rather poorly, using cleansing impact turn 1 against Ardentismaxima, evasive stance Mammolania, spamming priority shields at my Quetzorion who had a low amount of health left. At the final stretch, I swapped to Dracoceratosaurus hoping to not get stunned, and guess what? I got stunned! So the guy finished Draco off. Twas a “Bruh” moment for me because this guy didn’t even deserve to win, at least I felt.

Anyone else with a similar experience?


Yep sometimes the opponents have all the gear and no idea, or all the kit and are full of …

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One possibility: He may have just put back his boosts into his dinos (or not at all)… That would explain how he ended up playing against you, and why he played so badly. After a boost reset, many play unboosted for many weeks, trying to decide who will make their team. It’s the perfect time to swap dinos before you finally lock them in, because you boost them. As far as I’m concerned, I did that, and trust me, when you put totally new dino in your team, it does take a while to get used to them (and that’s why it’s taking so long after a boost reset.). I just put my boost back in today, but I’ve replace 4 of my 8 original dinos! So guess what, even if I played with them unboosted for a while, applying boosts still mixed things up. I would say the meta will still take a few weeks to stabilize and get stale again. Until then, expect the unexpected!

None of the creatures from my original 2.0 team remained besides Sarco and Thyla, which was interesting.

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Wow, I thought I went extreme by changing 4 of my original 8!!! :open_mouth:

To be fair, Ardonto was only replaced since I got Max Post-2.0, but even then I still replaced 5 of them

6 for me… but that was also after a 6 month break

Try a 1 year and 6 month break. The pain of missing out on so much

I placed only two. Indy got her 23 boosts back right away. I was just like ., I Don care if she ain’t doing good. She is my favorite. I accidentally put an extra 3 speed boosts when spamming but it turned out to make her better. One more speed boosts and she will be a decel immune erlidominus speed.

I replaced spinotasuchus and allosinpnwith Thor, couldn’t ignore the crit.

I’ve kept 4 of my original 8. one of which i did take off for a bit then revisited.
After over a month, i’m still not 100% sure what i want to do with my team.

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Alright back on topic - opponents that don’t deserve to win but win anyway, there are more of these for me but the one I mentioned was my most recent