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Somewhat hot take

Monolometrodon had almost no counters before it was nerfed.

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Not entirely wrong, though my spyx, if it was fast enough would just mss and pp. Oftentimes though, the metrodon was too tanky for me to twoshot it


Yeah also considering that it had a resistance to literally everything as well as pretty good stats

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Yeah lol, thing was so dumb

I don’t think that this is a hot take…

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Yeah that’s why I said somewhat

I disagree. It had counters, but its counters were 1) considerably more difficult to make for one reason or another (higher rarity, or used exclusives), and/or 2) easily dispatched by Resilients or swaps, meaning running them to deal with Metro often meant a net-negative for the team. Generally, Cunnings were an adequate response to Metro, but the aforementioned problems kept them from really being effective, thus allowing Metro to run rampant

Monolometrodon was a joy to see. Easy win in the arena. Crushed by max, mags, and smilonemyes to name a few

Well, depends on the arena you’re in and what dinos you have at your disposal. Many of us had a pretty difficult time with it due to it’s extreme resistances/immunities and decent stats, alongside a pretty nice moveset, so yeah. I’d say most would disagree that this gremlin was a joy to see…

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Mono isn’t as good as magnapyritor and magna hasn’t broke the arenas

It was, however, a much cheaper and almost as viable alternative, having better resistances and health (and moveset sort of) at the cost of lower speed and attack, and not even by that much.

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Exactly, it’s made from two commons. Plus it’s one of what was only two dinos with 75% rend resistance, the other being gorgotrebax, an apex.

And, as I’ve said on a previous thread: On what authority is anything allowed to have a 75% resistance to rend.

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Yeah, on apexes it’s semi understandable depending on their other resistances/ immunities. I think it’s ok on trebax, but it should NOT be handed out thoughtlessly to everything (like a double common legendary)

I can agree with this, although I’m still of the mind that Rend Resist is a bit ridiculous in general and should just be removed outright.

Trebax is good on the Rend Resist though.

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Yeah, I think it’s a bit iffy and really should be very rare, rarer than it is currently. Though I understand where you’re coming from in regards to it’s removal. Additional note: bleed resistance is stupid common, especially when you (like myself) run something like Stygi where you rely on bleed heavily

Agreed, it was too good for what it was. You just see comments that make it sound like it was an unstoppable terror. Much like nitro thor, im sure certain arenas are plaqued by it, but on the whole, it wasn’t that phenomenal

With that said, legendary tournaments prob suffered from it, hadn’t really thought about that aspect

I’m more of a mind that rend damage is a ridiculous move in the first place to be honest. When a simple rare at level 6 like Marsupial Lion has 2 rend moves capable of huge damage on uniques its sheer madness.

That’s also a fair standpoint.