Son of "Alan"


6 for 6 on the event and …


Even with that low attack, he’s still pretty awesome


Looks cool too … and nice to have as I’m a completist … my issue is should I really have one less than a week since they were introduced? All my fliers are L10+ and I am holding back on some due to the coin required. No money spent. All a bit easy … :thinking:


How could you dart that much?:thinking: I kept telling myself that this is not as difficult as to dart a T-Rex and then, “DEFLECTED”


Wait, can you dart on the legendary???


If you can dart it, then I wasted my attempts.


What score were you getting each time if you dont mind me asking! Mine always escape :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


how much dna per dino do you get, because even if you do all the attempts and get 100 each it’s impossible to lvl up to 15. do you buy some incubator before?


I’ve only had one attempt… got 150 and it flew off so it’s possible.


So got 4 goes left to dart it , most likely not enough to get him.


No incubators bought but did get Alan DNA in the tourney reward; best dart was about 160 … worst was 70 something but that was a really bad one … fuses were very kind. Alan was already L14 before the event.


I have a hidden post because I used a naughty word … darting was hard when the target was on the wings but the body was easy pickings. Fliers need a certain style … different but suits my darting


Lol my luck. Managed to get 171 alanqa, and 173 pteranodon as a reward for the epic strikes today. That gave me enough to make pteranodon without needing any attempts. Used up all 6 attempts on Alanqa, 159/185/192/197/180/228. From just created it, till the end of my attempts I got a good 9 attempts in. Still didn’t get it. CMON NOW… did the best that I could do. Guess you can’t be lucky all the time :joy: On a side a note, congrats it looks beautiful.



I got it to. You thought the tank meta made games take forever. Try having Alankylosaurus and Arambourgiania on the same team. Lol… two swap in invincibilities :sleeping:


Not sure if this well help, but I find it way easier to shoot the flyers if I don’t pay attention to the bird at all and only look at the target itself.


That works on so many levels :rofl:


I normally watch the speed of the dino and do great doing it that way. Minus the Para before they changed it up.


60/100; 40 for the level up to L17 and one Pterosaur strike event to go …


No no, he darted enough dna from Alanqa in the event.


Wow got some good fuses today and just made it to 17!!!