Sonora Mashes- no t-Rex dna


Why do all 8 hr incubators from Sonora mashes guarantee stygimoloch dna? Isn’t the epic supposed to be t-Rex? I’ve never got Rex dna from a Sonora incubator. This the case for everyone?


It is for me. A small bit of random epic and an equal amount of Stygi for every single 8 hour since the update. I’m also wallowing in Sorna.


T-rex DNA is sooo rare…, since I entering Sorna Marshes arena and received incubator many times, perhaps only once T-rex DNA in 50 incubators. And only 12 DNA I got :sleepy:.


I kept getting T-rex DNA from Sorna for weeks. Even recently once or twice in a 3-hour incubator. I think you get 2 epic per 8-hour incubator now.


I literally just got Trex DNA in Sorna. Only 13 points and the other epic was Stygi, but I’d rather have 13 than none. Rexy has gone scarce around here, have seen only one in almost 3 weeks.


I’ve yet to get any Rex. Some good epic DNA for sure, but 0 Rex.


Yeah I had rex yesterday twice in a 3hr and an 8hr from sorna


Still haven’t gotten a single ounce of pyroraptor dna on lockdown in hopes of working on pyrri. Not a single time. So it’s not just sorna


Is anyone found a Stygimoloch in wild? I never found one soo i’m happy with that incubator!


She’s incubator exclusive


Same here, I was curious as to why I’m getting 0 Rex DNA even when I had a 24 hour incubator!


Also in Arena 7 for weeks, so far got T Rex DNA once (8 hr inc).

Edited: Just got it again (15 DNA), so twice. I speed up my incubators fairly often (usually 3 hr ones), though, because I don’t like to battle for nothing.

Edited again on August 5: I think someone paid attention… I have been getting T Rex DNA from both 3 and 8 hour incubators!


The more I look at it it seems like Sonora Mashes actually gets SS Arcadia’s incubators… this a crazy theory? I feel like Rex dna should be the guaranteed on the 8 hrs…


Oh my God, YES. I just went to look and I just opened an 8hr incubator which had Delta (arcadia), Kentrosaurus (arcadia), and the ubiquitous stygi (arcadia). This needs flagging, since we’re meant to be getting different rewards.