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Sonorasaurus for next Months Daily Rewards, Please 🥺

Please give us Sonorasaurus for the daily mission for next month or very soon. Not only do we have to get this guy to 20, but then another 2400 DNA, there about, to make its unique hybrid.


Yes please or have him for next battle rewards

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That will help. My alliance tends to get to the 3rd incubator so 50 DNA would be a decent start.

ah good it true cuz you comment was flagged. I shall get lots of dna and maybe even unlock it as long as i get tier 9, is it the one with 5 tourneys

I already have Skoolasaurus, I’m just waiting to unlock Sonora

As they say, the next championship of the alliance will be for the Skoonasaurus, that is, there will be a reward from its components, for example Sonorasaurus.