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Sonorasaurus level 23!? Ok what gives!?

So this is the second time I gave this creature at a super high level! Update just came out and the creature is not even available in the wild because it’s an even only creature!

Yet the person I went against doesn’t even appear on my list of recent opponents! What is this!?

Its a Bot. Not a real player.


So what they introduced Bots again like they used to do on 1.0 patch? Great!

Bots were always here,you just never realised you’ve been facing em

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They’ve been in the game…

Are there any tips for spotting bots? I notice them fairly easily in Lockwood Estate and below (they tend to switch back and forth once you kill two), but I haven’t fought anyone in Aviary and above that I was sure was a bot. Is there a trick for this?

In Library and Gyro we have a button we can press if an opponent isn’t found after 30 seconds asking if we want to fight AI.

Beating them will reward you with an incubator and some coins but you dont get any trophies.

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There are two types of bots

One is the timer ai you get when an opponent isn’t found and can press the ai button

The other is the pity ai given to players who are below 4500 trophies and have lost two matches in a row.

If you fight the an opponent you suspect is a bot check your recently played if their name doesn’t show up you just played a bot.

Their are other give aways like swapping loop, unreleased Dino’s, or my favorite one playing the same Dino right after you killed it. Ie you kill their tryko out comes another tryko.

Their is a third time that you may encounter a bot but I haven’t seen it used since boosts got added to incubators… but before that during certain times Ludia would use bots to supplement match making.

Pro tip: only time bots don’t reward trophies is when you select to battle them from the fight ai button. Any other time and your not really supposed to know your fighting the ai and they reward trophies.


Thank you @Asta and @Evicton! This explains why I haven’t seen any suspected bots since I’ve reached Aviary, since I wouldn’t run into petty AIs above 4500 trophies. I think we have the “fight AI” button in Aviary too.

you also have A fight AI button in the Lockwood estate too, another way to figure out if you are fighting a bot is if you are up against dilorach. every time I fight an AI its always dilorach.