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Sonorogamma Legendary!

This Creature was made by @Dinoboy3645!!

And ilustrated by me! :wink:


Nice its not too OP because it doesnt have many damage output in turn 1


It could be a good collectable piece!

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I agree. If allowed to set up, it’s a force to be reckoned with, but that’s if it can set up

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I’ll post the original stats as well. His version is better, but here is the foundation.

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Wooo!! Who Made This Creature?

If do you hace the original, or a copy, wich si the oficial?

I made its stats, Dinoboy improved it. Jurassic2 was the one who though of Soronagamma I think.
Anyways here are the stats


4750 Health
1200 Damage
116 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Resilient Strike
Taunting Precise Pounce
Debilitating Distraction
Devestation and Run
Medium-Resilient Counter Attack

100% Critical Reduction, Taunt, Vunerable, Swap Prevention
50% Damage Over Time.

Possible Design: Soronasaurus Body with a shorter neck and feathers on the back and tail. Snout of Erlikogamma. Colors of Erlikogamma on the body, while the feathers gain Soronasaurus’ colors.

Possible In-Game Description:
Ingen’s second attempt at an omnivorous sauropod, Soronagamma hunts by blending in with a herd. Once it gets in, it uses its long snout to grab unsuspecting prey, then dropping it so that it goes unconscious to avoid sounding an alarm.


Ohhh… I Guess that must I think you should ask for more information not only the statistics sheet to illustrate, I think this is the Sonorogamma Dinoboyensis xD and the other is the Jurassic

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Yes, what you created was Dinoboy’s, what I posted was the original idea that was improved upon by Dinoboy. However, Jurassic was the one who came up with the idea of Soronagamma, I created the first edition, Dinoboy and you created the final copy.

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Ate You tell me that exist a Multisonorogammaverse? xD

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Shhh. No one is supposed to know. The Men In Black are coming. Be ready.


Hahaha now there are looking for you xD

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No, they are coming to erase that memory from you, and also likely they are here to take me back.

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:joy::cold_sweat: hahahahah help!

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No helping here. I’m trying to hide as well. But here is a tip.Pocket sand!” Meme template : MemeTemplatesOfficial


Hahaha a good tip xD

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Sorry but just being honest
I don’t really like the design as it’s either a sauropod which all the speed will be gone or a long neck Erliko which don’t really sound normal and its a bit op the pounce and dev it’s a lot you know and with 1300 attack that’s a lot in 2 turns maybe change the attack to


Erliko body
Resilient strike
Precise pounce
Vulnerable impact
Rampage and run

Sorno body
Resilient strike
Vulnerable impact
Impact and run

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10 characters

i like the “long-neck erliko” idea