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Sons account needs transferred from tablet to iPad

I can’t get my sons account to transfer to his new iPad.

He doesn’t have a facebook account and my account is linked to my FB and my wife has a baby account she created in 2018 that is linked to her FB.

Hello, DadJokes. Our support team would be glad to assist you and your son. If you have the support key to your son’s account, kindly provide it to our support team at Thank you.

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My son was hoping to play today though. Not in 3 days when support emails back. Is there nothing that can be done on the forums?

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Still haven’t heard back from support.

If my son doesn’t get to play in the tournament this weekend will he be given HC as compensation because no one in support can reply in a timely manner?

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Is your son’s game linked to Facebook or is it linked to Google? Reason I ask is if it is linked to a Google or Facebook account, you should be able to continue his game no matter what the device may be. As long as you know the log in information. I had to do this once when I switch from a Galaxy S6 to a Galaxy S9. I hope this helps.

The thing is that he needs a FB account cause Apple doesn’t support google play so…

I think you could link it to google play, don’t know if this works since I don’t use it. Does it have gamecenter. Gamecenter works. If you have an email on the tablet. You can just go to the ipads settings and scroll until you find gamcenter and sign into that email on the section. It works no matter what even if the actual electonic is signed in as another apple id account. For example I can transfer my ipads games onto my moms phone through the phones settings. Sorry if this is confusing so I put it in order

  1. Have gamecenter connected to tablet
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find gamecenter section and click it.
  4. Sign into email (say email on tablet is, sign into section as
    I dont know if this will work cuz I dont have a tablet.

Didn’t realize that made a link to gmail. lol