Sons of Odin are recruiting

Looking for serious or semi-casual players to join our clan “Sons of Odin”.
Recently some senior clan members left and we could really use the back up.

No hate or drama, just all around casual clan with minimum 2-3 hits a day. Just let us know if you plan to take a few days break from the game.

We are still actively looking for new and active members. Will have a few slots open by tonight after removing some non-actives. Message me or reply here

hello there are there any requirements for this clan? Just asking

Above 3500BP would be preferred. However, if you are lower BP you can still achieve 30k damage with enough hits. Basically, you can make up lack of BP with active participation :slight_smile:

Still looking for more members! We are currently taking down 5* alphas

Hey please hit me up
My husband and I are very very active and we need a decent team that we can contribute to and our efforts not go to waste. I have a ~4200 bp and my husband is smaller but growing.