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Soo who ready

This mostly for those who seen the new gaming beaver video but it looks like majugs hybrid well is finally getting a hybrid so whose ready cause I’m sure am

Although I think I’m just off by a bit on :snake: gen2


i’m mostly ready. would love more boa g2, but i can’t go hunt any.

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Im super excited


Same just hoping the giga spawns one

Sees that amount of majug dna:

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On a serious note I’ve spent way to much dna multi fusing that thing



I dare you to spend it :joy:

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I’m ready! (I hope the Hybrid will be good).

what rarity is they hybrid: epic or legendary

I’m not sure it will be

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ok, good to know, how do you find these new updates. I can’t find it anywhere

dude… now the thread will be closed. :rofl: or at least that post moderated. PM leaks.

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Oh yeah… super excited.

I hope y’all don’t actually level anything until we know for sure it’s happening :rofl:

Because that “leak” says it’s an epic but the components need to be at lvl 15 and that make 0 sense whatsoever.


That’s why he’s still sitting at 11 :slight_smile:

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Lol true… maybe it’s all … gasp a lie :joy::rofl:

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my majung has been 16 forever. it was easy to level and gain xp for while fusing rare dna.


Still nice to make hope tho

nice level on that majunga :+1: I’m ready as well majunga is by baby lol

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