Soon to be unmatched

Just trying to figure this out why would a match be off line for a awhile then all of sudden they say that they are going to be unmatched you not right is thare going to be anything new with the story to countuine on with thare characters like I been wanting patchent for juline and over they where pretty full with the heart conation so just wondering how do this work do they reach out adventhley I’m hoping to here from one of them soon :cry::crossed_fingers::pray:

I meant to say oliver hope his story will continue soon

If they’re offline and will be gone for a while, they won’t unmatch with you. I used to randomly get that with matches that I had reached the end with. They’ll be back. Eventually :joy:

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Thank you that helps me understand more I’m still Farley new to this :sweat_smile::relaxed:

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To build off what novanix said, if the conversation is active (in that they aren’t greyed out and "away for a while), if you don’t respond to a character for a few days they may unmatch with you.

In the case you are ever unmatched with you can always match with a character again when you come across their profile in the profile pool and resume the story where you left off.