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Sooo.... I just facing a few players with 5 uniques

Well, i know that we can dart unique 5 times this week, and i can guess already that erlido or even tryko will run rampart in any arena now. I guess I have to be not surprised when some one have 5 or even 6 uniques on their team huh?

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Depends on the arena ur in. :wink:

And since hybrids are available thru fusing it is obvious that many many players got their hybrids by fusing.
This event is just an extra thing. :wink:

He probably means new cheater accounts in lower arenas who just got gifted 5 uniques each by Ludia.


haha nah, i’m on lockdown, idc about the lower arena shenanigans right now

This event has the extra bonus of making alot of us look kinda bad. I look like a proper L5 player with my erlidom higher level then my dracocera

I’m in lockdown, so i guess that’s normal? I see 3 player with lvl 22 tryko
haha i’m amazed


Every Arena under 2500 is going to be crazy for a long time

This is exactly why I think Ludia shouldn’t have given away so much DNA of legendary/unique dinos in all recent events. Introducing lvl 21 dinos in lower arenas will do a lot of damage and make people very frustrated, especially new players that missed out all those special events. I’m on the fence with this, as part of me was happy about it as it helped me to level up some of my dinos that I already unlocked. :slight_smile: I rather have increased spawn rates of epic ones in general. I also think Ludia should increase the number of featured epics each week to 4 or 6. Two epic dinos per week is just not enough to do anything with those never ending 10s in fusing. ;/


I agree, my team now have level 28 Tryko and 29 Erlidom when I had them at 25/26 level last week …

I just trying to join the darkside and added level 24 Dracoce-RAT-OPs in my team (replacing level 25 Magna) … now people will say why I have level 24 legend and others level 28+ uniques … LOL

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hahaha people will scream “Cheater!!” on your way

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Yes. It did mess up the whole natural game progression. Instead of slowly building teams through time playing, users suddenly have creatures that they should not have for a lot of playing yet. With natural progression, users should be battling with level 20 Epic and Legendary before they get a Unique. The Unique should match the other creatures on teams, not be that many levels ahead of them.

Think of it like having the level 24 Stegod when the other team members are level 18 Legendary and Epic. They get the monster, they start with it and likely win. If they do not get it on the team, they most likely lose. Introducing those Unique too early in the game progression creates an imbalance in game play.

You could say that everyone had a chance to get one, so it evens out. But it still makes for imbalanced battle teams.


Well welcome to the forums!

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Dang it Baryonyx get off the forums and start spawning in my town! I need you to make Megalosuchus!

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I see myself everywhere!

It is going to be so messed up over the next month with all these high level dinos in lower arena. It would of taken me another month or 2 to unlock tryko but managed to unlock and level in just 1 weekend

True, but the thing is if the ones with one high level unique don’t have that dino in their team they most likely will get crushed (even if they climb up a little in the arena due to that unique dino)

Still you can go and battle like 5-6 times without that specific dino and just lose every single time because your team level is nowhere near what it should be to be competitive on that level.

Battles will be a bit messed up first but hopefully things will go back to “normal” or close to it :smiley:

Yh it will all even itself out i mean tryko was a blessing for me but it already goes in at team level so for me still got a long way before i can level up all my dinos still to be competative in aviary

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you still have time to prepare for season 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha i actualy dropped in trophies since season 5 with better and higher leveled dinos