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Sooo is another roll back going to happen or..?

Due to the exploit earlier this week, some were able to buy a ton of health and attack boosts. I used all my hard cash the first time they got rolled back and bought the ones that were given in the store (20x health and attack plus 75 speed boosts).
Entering the arena, I feel I play against way stronger dinos still. My team level is 28 or so with my highest level dinos and before the update and boosts I was well over 5,000 trophies (think 5,2xx). And now Im down struggling at ~47xx. Im constantly facing level 30 dinos or super boosted lvl 24-26 dinos with Thors speed at 135. I only have 1 level 30 dino. Tragod. My Thor is almost 30 (700/750) but at speed 127.

I feel im facing opponents with way more boosts on their dinos.
I recently played against a lvl 23/24 Tryko with 6,300 health! What. I won but it was not easy. 3-2.

I was never under 5,000 prior to the update. I was only progressing leveling up my dinos etc. grinding.

Fix it… please…


I sure hope so. The game is on borrowed time with me because of boosts, and I’m expecting some sort of rebalance, and a substantial rebalance at that. Boosts can exist, but the impact has to be reduced significantly. I hang on because I think they can’t possibly allow this to be the new normal.

If this is the new normal, I’m gone, and three VIP subscriptions are coming with me.


I think that is the best we can hope for. I highly doubt there will be any rollbacks or complete removals after this much time has passed.

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Ludia will not rollback their cash cow. They will continue to milk the big spenders and give the middle finger to the free to play. Just my opinion on it


Doubt it. That was one chance for people to stop exploiting and now we all suffer.

Since they’ve made no effort to post any follow up communication regarding the latest exploit other than say it was a small portion that took advantage of it, it’ll get swept under the rug.


The issue is Im no “free to play” by definition. I have spent some money although not like the whales at the top of the leaderboard but still. I’ve usually taken advantage of the coin sales and those little things but I feel the players like me, are getting affected the most. I feel Ive back tracked instead of move forward or progress even though I’ve dropped money in the game so it hurts even more.


I think they have no choice but to roll back it may of been a small minority who exploited the boosts (again) but the rest of the players suffer who face them.

They could just ban the players though considering this time the players knew it was a exploit.

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