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Sooo, news on friday?

Ok, so they announced cenzoics… not to great, but after looking back at it… Im kinda mega hyped for them now, dunno why just kinda want to know how they will do it. Will there be update info on friday?
Hyped for:
-new creatures
-new moves
-buffs and nerfs (dioraja buff!!)
-new modes maybe?
-alliance stuff
So is anyone else hyped?


I didn’t want cenozoics but they are coming so I’ll go with it, although I doubt I’ll do much with them. Either way, this will be an interesting update and I too look forward to seeing what they’ll give us.

Where was this actually confirmed?

Not hyped anymore. I don’t expect anything worth.

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We’re all going by the recent art (the foot print one not the snow storm one).

Hmm, I havent heard anything about Friday. Did I miss an announcment or something?

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No, but everyone says that the news always comes on a friday

On friday we expect Release notes of upcoming update as they always do it on fridays. Easter is last special event so it’s very likely that update will be out next week.