Soooo this just happened now

IM in lockdown and faced a hacker:

My team

His team… GUESS WHO WON.

Pretty decent team for a lvl 26 player. Guess he just wanted to move down to slay poor low lvl players.

Just because he has a team like that doesn’t automatically make him a hacker, in fact considering his player level I’d be more inclined to say he’s a dropper. Intentionally loosing trophies to drop down to lower arenas for easier wins.

Worst hacker ever I guess

He is lvl 16, but i guess so

Oooh thats a bad move! Why me…:unamused:

Just someone dropping down to feast on the lower level players.

People that do this are the worst, easy wins on lower players when the person they are facing are probably trying their hardest to get up

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I have been against a few of these but good job for me they was looking to drop trophies against me not gain them

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Im getting stronger! Next time he/she shall pay!:stuck_out_tongue::scream_cat: