Sooooo many indoraptors now

Anyone else already sick of fighting them? Every. Single. Match. But I guess we all knew this was going to happen.


Everyone comes packing Indos and Stegos these days.

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Better than birds.

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The only one that never shows up in my lineup is mine… But yes, you are right! Too many Indoraptors, all of which use evasive action… Getting tiresome!

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I’m just staying below the trophy level of the meta that indoraptors seem to have infected, thankfully haven’t seen many, but I have my counters ready just in case.

We had an event done on purpose to let most of us unlock our own indoraptor… Why not being happy for this? For many of us, it will be the only unique for months… just let us have our little piece of happiness…


Are you really that surprised lol, the last event gave everyone the ability to get one or Indominus.

But yeah I’m happy because now lower level players can get early experience fighting them and learn counters to them.

But yes every person I face now has Indoraptor.

Depends where you are in the Arenas I guess. I’m stuck in Sorna Marshes and have only seen one Indoraptor since the weekend event. First that I have faced.

It sure seems that way… at least not as much as I want him to!


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Sick of fighting level 24+ stegos and 18,19, 20 everything else… been infesting the battles a lot longer than Indos have

A lower level stegod can kill a higher level one. Which is why my stegod is only level 21. Everyone else’s is higher, and mine wins most of the time if I play smart.

I dont even use it… never been a fan… faced too many to want to win that cheap

I rarely get mine in my line up. But I get tragod just about every single match. But tragods health is too low. It dies too easily for my liking. It’s only really good because it’s speed and invincibility.

I’m rank 14. I’m 194/250 to creating indo. Finally got into Jurassic ruins, only to be greeted by indoraptor in every battle and one guy who is rank 13 but already has 3 uniques. Yes I am very tired of them, especially since I don’t have one of my own yet to fight fire with Fire.

Indo mirror match is just about who dodges the big hit or dodges more. Better off countering with one of the mono hybrids. Pyrritator or Spinatosuchus can work as well with some luck and good anticipation of what the opponent will do.

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Sick of fighting lvl 28 stego and a lvl 26 trago with lvl 20 to 21 eveything else. It gets worse as you climb up the trophy ladder.


Cant wait lol…

Deep in the ruins pretty much everyone had one even before the Halloween events. I was like one of 5 people that didn’t. ^^ I was kinda proud because of that. But now I’m ‘mainstream’ :sweat_smile:

Well, Level 30 is the end of the line. For now.
Wasn’t there a post about a Level 60 Indominus Strike Event that’s about to come?
That would mean there might be plans to raise the max level for all…

That I think was a prank