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Soooooo please explain Ludia

I am just wondering since it seems like a reoccurring theme in arena that seems to not waiver. Stygimoloch has been an arena incubator reward staple for going on 2 years now. It has never changed and it has been constant throughout many patches. When will there finally be a change? Is this because there is another hybrid for Stygimoloch, like possibly a Unique? This constant repetition makes it not worthwhile to even participate in the arena. So please explain your intentions


They will probably give away Pidgey or Rattata next season lol.


These off season provide players with a break from the daily grind and allows them to drop to burn through incubators for boosts without having to worry about missing out on good dna.


But really Stigymoloch and Alanqa? Now if they are getting another hybrid I would not have an issue with it and I would understand.

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Lol they are just following a pattern with arena exclusives… in april we get irritator and like june we get bary gen 2… so we got those months to look forward to.

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Lol very interesting

Dont get me wrong id rather they used season to promote new dinos…we get like 3 seasons every patch so they could easily highlight 3 dinos/hybrids from each patch.

Like 1.11
January- deer
Feb- baja
March- mamoth or rhino…

By the time the april season is here we be in 1.12 and the cycle could continue. Cause these rewards are going to fuel the end of this game…

Attention whales, for your effort in keeping this game profitable we are rewarding you by letting you use the boosts you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on to earn yourself some dna for a hybrid you already have at 30… Thank you and enjoy.


Yep must be great to be heavily affluent.

Magicarp!!! I want that Splash move.



I see that ok. Stygmoloch doesn’t appear in the map and some of us leveling Touramoloch beyond level 26 are suffering to get its

I can see your point. But those who would like to level Touramoloch over 26 would also be battling with it. That DNA is available in battle incubators and the more you battle, the more you will get. It is the same with the other arena exclusives. It is also a reward with limited player desirability. Longer term/top players will have already level it up and have no need for a huge dump of its DNA. This gives them little incentive to battle to a higher level.

Some creatures are labeled as “Event Only”: Only available during special events or Tournaments. I would think these would be the first choice to have available as rewards for these events. Currently, Rhino and Blue are in demand but not available. For most of the player base it would make better playability to have Tournament rewards be something that is not available readily and worth trying to achieve a higher trophy count to place higher.

In the current game, Rhino would have been a logical choice for a Tournament reward. The hype is high as it is new, and it takes 200 per fuse. Players would be more likely to battle more to get to a higher trophy count to get more of its DNA. Megaloceros would have been another good pick for a reward.

But alas. Looking from The Company point of view, it is better to keep them in demand for Incubator sales.

Hey hey, pidgey was the fastest way to level.