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Soooooooo when will I get drops, sancs, and dinos near me?

Ludia I have a question and I am exercising restraint by asking this. No I am not going to be toxic with my inquiry. I am just wondering when will I have my sanctuary spot back that I had since the beginning of sanctuaries? Also when will I get my two supply drops that I had for 2 years near me? I know you keep saying that stuff “migrates,” but here it is close to another year and many patches have come and gone. Still I am left in the barren wastelands of Zone 4 where all sorts of neglect has happened. Third question, when will I have dinos that are not 500 or even 600 meters from me? Mind you I do not have the luxury of a vehicle. Most of my movement is by foot or by bus and the buses are restricted service because of the Coronavirus. So I am stuck in limbo without being able to contribute to my alliance or complete my daily missions. Please fix this Ludia. I have faith you could fix this properly.

It’s strange that none spawn near you, are there many roads nearby your house? Creatures only tend to spawn along roads, in parks or at points of interest (I don’t know what else to call bus stops and train stations and everything else collectively). If you’re not near any of those then that explains why, but still doesn’t fix the issue. Same with supply drops.

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I live in an apartment complex with quite a bit of roads around it. This has persisted for quite some time now.

Huh interesting, in that case I’m unsure

Before I had 2 supply drops, a sanc, and dinos spawning near me. One supply drop went away and I was left with one supply drop and a sanc. Then they both disappeared. So I have been left with nothing at all. All dinos spawn a good 300 to 400 meters from me which is out of reach.