Sore Losers

So you get a string start on battling an opponent. It’s clear the odds are in your favour to win. so the opponent sulks and closes the game etc. so to win you have to wait for the countdown timer for each turn. so annoying and such poor form.

anyone else hate this?

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i don’t close the game, but i put my phone down and let the timer run out every time. this is mainly for times when every stun/dodge works and my opponent is doing absolutely nothing to deserve to win the game.


Very annoying, but I admit I do this every time I battle someone I know is a cheater, swap out all my dinos, shields, make it as annoying and time consuming as possible.

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im definitely not a cheater. i find this happens so often. just now i used my indo-rex to open with. by luck, he killed the first opponents dino without receiving any damage. we both opened with indo at same level but i was quicker. then they bought out pyro second and i killed him. then the opponent just stopped playing

I can’t say I like that, but, when it happens, I challenge myself to beat my opponent while losing as few creatures as possible, knowing that his creatures will only use their weakest attacks. Winning 3-0 being the goal in that “game”!


We “Need” a concede button especially with the return of spoof hordes


yeah a concede button would be beneficial. so that way, if you know your up against an impossible match you can end the game and save both opponents time

Doubt they put this in. They seem do be changing all sorts to make battles last way too long

I was actually battling someone last night and was wondering if they thought I was a sore loser because it dropped out and I had to go out, re-start phone, re-open app and the poor sod would have had to wait through the countdowns to kill off the rest of my team. I try to die off as quick as possible, I want it over as much as the higher player probably.

A concede button would be fantastic


Concede button is a very simple solution to the arena’s biggest problem. In cases of cheaters you can just concede and move on. You won’t have the frustration of having to sit through a losing battle and they will get their win without having to battle.

Rage quitters are so annoying though. Until there’s a concede button play the match through.

It’s annoying, but it’s only a few seconds to wait between attacks etc, and a guaranteed win.

As for the concede button, someone already suggested a surrender button for the same reasons: Surrender button in battle

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I love it, I’m like yes they’ve dropped their phone I’m gonna win :joy::joy:


Twice yesterday I took long phone calls and came back after and the match was going on! The opponent was also not playing!

One time I actually got interrupted twice during the same battle and actually won without making a single move!

I guess my base moves were better than theirs! :joy::joy::joy:

Trust me I was shocked :flushed: and prepared to lose. I did however get back in time to see the computer make the winning move! Hilarious :laughing:

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@LoganSBT don’t assume someone is rage quitting because we all are playing on phones :telephone_receiver: and phones have a sneaky way of hitting you with real life during a fake battle!

Btw you mentioned conceding against cheaters!

How do you know you are playing one until the end!

I think it would suck if you quit only to find out they weren’t cheating and all they had was one good dinosaur :sauropod: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sob::sob::joy::sob:

@rolybert If you’re playing one of the crazy spoofer accounts you know pretty easily haha!

Here is my plan if they do a concede button

I will concentrate all my money and time and build up 2 level 30 unique instead of focusing on my entire team!

Every time I get to use them against the rage quitters and the cheating suspectors like Logan

I will laugh :laughing: with an evil laugh knowing my team that normally would get its buns kicked by the leaderboard types that I just bluffed! Bwahahaha!


Would you not have known a level 30 Tryko was a spoofer? :roll_eyes:

You have no enjoyment in this game do you?

All you think about is cheating, rage quitters and game problems!

You can’t even come to the game forum and get enjoyment!

I make friends here and have fun with a sense of humor and the game isn’t my whole life!

Please don’t tell me about the money you spent and it’s not fair with the cheating because for every person with your attitude there are hundreds that have also spent allot of money and just play the game!

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I’ve never commented about the money I’ve spent, haven’t spent very much actually. Don’t know why you even tagged me when I was replying to a different person. But I guess you have to get your trademark “hilarious” emoji filled comments on every post.

I’m entitled to my opinion just like everyone else on here. Good luck with your lv30 uniques. :v:

Probably not have known but guess what!
I lose and move on to the next battle that I will probably win