Sorna Marshes(3131) | Team Comp Help

Below is my current team followed by possible swaps of my higher level creatures. Looking for some thoughts on the general team comp and what might be some advantageous swaps.

I am having success but I feel like there is something missing from my team. Ankylodicurous and Erlikogamma in particular put in serious work and have performed great for me… Thoughts?

not too common to have a legendary in sorna marshes… thats a good team. you have a posti don’t you? That should be a good addition to your team. Posti can heal and yeah.

I was thinking about the Posti! But wasn’t sure who to remove…Scorpion?

Was also thinking of trying Tyrannalophosaur in place of ScorpRex?

yes true yup true yup

Bronthalasmos would be good if you face lots of flocks


I have been seeing teams of both comps and dodo recently. Too much for my snake to handle alone

Try yo get tryo,it will be really good and will also help you a lot in raids

Maybe,also get dodocevia

What is that team. I mean there’s nothing really wrong with it but it’s so strange to see all level 16 but then there’s indom at level 20.

T Rex and velicoraptor are global anytimes. Also if he is in a more established alliance he can easily get the DNA needed.

10 ch

I have trouble focusing on any particular creature. I end up going for all of them. Also I did find it pretty easy to get the Indom to 20. Wanting to get Indo.

Still trying to make the Majundaboa work but it seems to get eaten up easily by nearly any decent Dino. This includes cunning…