Sorna Marshes woes

Has anyone else in Sorna Marshes had a revolting amount of bad luck recently? An inordinate amount of “end turn” stuns going against you while achieving very few yourself, everyone (and i mean that quite literally) has a Dracoceratops, evade working less than usual, obvious bot use and just an overall lack of winning? I’m not whining, I’m just curious if there’s anyone else that has lost 16 or 17 out of rheir last 20 battles.

This isn’t just in Sorna Marshes. This is being reported right up to people with 5000 arena points. The new matchmaking system doesn’t seem to calculate matches very well and always seems to put people up against opponents who are FAR above their level.

As a player with 3450-3700 points, I am matched up every day against opponents with 3750-4250 points. I have zero unique dinosaurs unlocked, but have been given opponents who had three of them ON THEIR TEAM playing against me. 90 to 95% of all my opponents have higher arena point totals than I have.

You aren’t alone.